Arkham | Prisons


Join our thrilling gamemode, Prisons, where you embark on an exciting mining and grinding adventure to reach the pinnacle. Climb your way up the leaderboards to claim the coveted title of the top player, engaging in fierce competition with fellow enthusiasts.

What sets our Prisons apart from the rest is the infusion of custom enchantments, adding a unique twist to your gameplay experience. Moreover, we have introduced an innovative mining system that will immerse you in vast, awe-inspiring mines, brimming with astonishing loot.

With our easy-to-remember server IP - PLAY.ARKHAMSTUDIOS.NET - and port 19132, joining the adventure has never been easier. So come on in and bring your friends along for the ride! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player looking for an adventure, Arkham Prisons has something for everyone. "Let's explore, conquer, and thrive together - see you there!"


Before playing Arkham Prisons, please review our rules for this particular server. Click here to view them. Additionally, you can view our global rules by clicking the button below. Global rules apply to all of our servers, including Arkham Prisons.