Arkham | Global Rules


When playing on ANY of our servers, you must follow the following rules:

Modded clients (Hacking)

Hacking/cheating is strictly prohibited on ALL servers.

The use of these clients creates and an unfair enviroment for

other players and in some cases, It allows players to have an advantage.


This list is subject to change so be aware and keep

a look out for future changes.


Banned Clients:







Unfair Advantages

Using Unfair advantages to boost or cheat your way through our maps

is also prohibited. We are very strict on the use of these as they

effect you and others experiences on our servers.


Banned Unfair Advantages:

-Auto Clicking





This list is subject to change so keep an eye out for

changes in this list and rule.

PVP Clients

Using pvp clients on our servers IS allowed, But

is limited to certain allowed features such as

fps boosting, Better textures, short fire/swords exc...


This list is a list of clients that we feel

are good and dont push the limits of what we expect

as a pvp client.


Trusted clients:

-Project Light

-Utility UI

-Better Bedrock

-Onix Client

-Flarial Client


Exploiting issues on our servers and not reporting the issues

will result in a punishment to all included parties who decide

to exploit.


Reporting bugs and issues is done via our discord by

heading to the "bug reports" channel and submiting a new report.

Chat Manners

Arkham takes abuse and rudeness very seriously.

These rules apply to all servers and also including discord

and any other way of communicating around and about arkham.



Any form of racist remarks or comments are not allowed to be mentioned,

If caught targeting people in this mannor they will be delt with acordingly.


Spamming / Caps:

Spamming in any of our chats is forbidden unless told too by staff.

This also includes the mass use of caps lock or any other text.



We have a zero tollerance for bullying.

If caught bullying a person or group of people will be

delt with acordingly.



Inpersonating other players or staff members is not allowed.

If caught inpersonating any player/staff you will be delt with acordingly.



No advertising in chat, unless its about Arkham.

If caught advertising any other network or community, You will be delt with acordingly.

Ban Evaiding / Alt Accounts


If Banned due to a certain rule breaking reason.

DO NOT, Create another account and join said server you are banned on.


If the ban is set to one server then you are able to join any of our other servers,

but if its a global ban then you are not allowed to join any sever of ours.


Alt Accounts:

Alt accounts are allowed to a degree.

We allow players to have alt accounts, but if they are banned on either of the account for any

reason then all accounts should not be used to join the server(s) that the ban is active on.


If attempting to join the server on that account, the account will be caught and punished alongside

the other account holding the ban.

Teaming / Alies

At Arkham we have certain gamemodes that allow Teaming.

Some of our gamemodes will allowing teaming and Alieing and some of them wont.


- No Alies (Prisons, Kit PVP, Skyblock)


Some of these gamemodes are planned and not yet released.


We do not permit AFKing (Away from keyboard).

Some gamemodes of us allow afking such as Skyblock and SMP.


If caught afking on a server that does not allow it, then you will be

delt with acordingly.

Item Scamming

Scamming items is allowed on some of our servers and banned on others.

If caught breaking this rule, you will be delt with acordingly.


Allowed Item Scamming


-Kit PVP


Not Allowed:





This list is subject to change.

Combat rules


The use of custom skin packs are allowed, but is limited to what

we do not want you to use.

If caught using a banned skin type or any of the following genre types

you will be delt with acordingly.


Banned Skin types:

-Racist Skins

-Nudity Skins

-Small Skins

-Flat skins


This list is subject to change.


At Arkham we do not tollerate threatening.

DDOS/DOS threats will not be tollerated at arkham and

the person will be delt with acordingly.


Any other form of threats will also be taken and delt

with in the same way.


If someone is threatening you, create a ticket in our

discord and they will be delt with acordingly.

Tebex / Buycraft scamming

Any form of scamming through Buycraft or Tebex is strictly prohibited.

If caught breaking this rule, you will be delt with acordingly.


This includes but is not limited to:


-False advertising of items or ranks.

-Promising and not delivering purchased items or services.

-Manipulating or exploiting the payment system.


This list is subject to change.