Arkham | Prisons Rules


When playing on Arkham Prisons, you must follow our Global Rules as well as the following rules:

Hacking / Unfair Advantages

Hacking or cheating is strictly prohibited on the server.

The use of any unfair advantages, modified clients, or cheats will result in punishment.

This includes but is not limited to:

Auto-Clickers: Software or hardware used to simulate rapid clicking.

X-Ray Mods: Any mod or resource pack that allows you to see through blocks.

Macros: Automated scripts or key sequences that provide gameplay advantages.

Fly Mods: Mods that allow your character to fly in non-permitted zones.

Speed Mods: Mods that alter your character's speed.

Aimbot: Software that automatically aims for you.

Duplication Glitches: Utilizing glitches to duplicate items.

Unapproved Mods: Any other mods that provide a gameplay advantage.

This list is open to change at any time.

PvP Clients

Approved PvP clients that offer no unfair advantages are allowed.

Modified or hacked clients that provide gameplay advantages are strictly prohibited.

Disclaimer: Players are responsible for ensuring their client conforms to server rules.

Usage of a disallowed client can result in penalties or bans.

This list is open to change at any time.

General Behavior

Be respectful to all players and staff members.

Harassment or bullying other players is strictly prohibited.

No impersonating staff members or players.

Follow instructions and directives given by staff members.

Team Rules

Teaming with other teams is not allowed.

Betraying your team or 'insiding' is forbidden.

Chat Etiquette

Avoid spamming the chat and the excessive use of caps.


Always stay within the boundaries of the map.

No spawn camping or immediate killing of newly spawned players.

Combat logging (leaving mid-combat) is not allowed.

Reporting & Bugs

All bugs and glitches should be promptly reported.

Buycraft/Tebex Scamming

Any form of scamming through Buycraft or Tebex is strictly prohibited.

This includes but is not limited to:

False advertising of items or ranks.

Promising and not delivering purchased items or services.

Manipulating or exploiting the payment system.

Violation of this rule will result in penalties, which may include a permanent ban.

This list is open to change at any time.

Additional Information

Stealing from other players is allowed as per the Prison server rules.

Advertising other servers or Discord channels is prohibited.

Making DDoS or Dox threats is strictly forbidden.

This list is open to change at any time.